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Randocar in Sweden

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Randocar in Sweden

Message  Invité le Mar 23 Juil - 23:39

Hello, my name is Anders and i bought a Randocar from 1993 a week ago. It´s attached to a Fiat Uno from 1987. The seller told me that it´s the only one in sweden... Now i´ll have too learn about it, just because i´m curios. It would be fun too know if there are any more Randocars in sweden (probably not..) in scandinavia maybe? I´m writing in english because i don´t speak or understand french at all. But it is funny to have found this forum for Randocars, at least i can watch the pictures.. Very Happy 
Greetings from sweden!


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Re: Randocar in Sweden

Message  Admin le Mer 24 Juil - 20:19

welcome Cool 
nice to meet you


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